Contest FAME x Kanga Exchange #FameUtility


What do you have to do to win?

Suggest a utility of the $FAME token. We are very curious about your ideas!

Write a comment under contest post on our SM channels (Kanga Exchange or Fame MMA) and mark it with the hashtag #FameUtility. We’ll choose the most inventive and creative answer! 🔥

The contest participants must have a registered account on the Kanga Exchange platform.

The first place prize wins $500 in $FAME 🤑 tokens (market price on the day the competition is resolved) and 20$ in $KNG tokens. 💵

The 2nd and 3rd person will receive a Kanga merch pack!

Start: 14.05, 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST)

End: 30.05, 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST)

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Terms and Conditions of the Contest “Suggest a utility for the FAME token”
(hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions)

I. General provisions
1. These Terms and Conditions define the conditions under which the Contest “Suggest a utility of the FAME token” is carried out, as well as the rights and obligations of the Contest Organizer and Contest Participants.
2. The terms used in these Terms and Conditions should be understood as follows:
a) Contest – a contest called “Suggest a utility of the FAME token” conducted on the terms governed by these Terms and Conditions;
b) Natural person – an adult natural person with full legal capacity;
c) Organizer, Founder, Kanga Exchange – Good Solution Investments Limited, Cromwell House, Ground-Floor, 117 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize; Incorporation number: 176,380, which is the organizer of the Contest and the founder of the awards
d) Exchange – exchange platform, incl. virtual currencies and tokens, run at by the Organizer
e) Contest Participant – any natural person meeting the criteria for taking part in the Contest described in the Contest Terms and Conditions, who entered the Contest on the terms set out in the Contest’s Terms and Conditions.
f) FAME – Fame MMA joint-stock company with head office in Swarzędz, Dworcowa 4b/3 st., 62-020 Swarzędz, entered into the Register of Companies kept by the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000883491, NIP: 7773370464, REGON: 38818115600000, share capital: PLN 400,000
g) Contest task – “Suggest a utility for the FAME token, write a comment under the Contest Post on the Kanga or FAME profiles with a tag #FameUtility;”.
h) Contest Post – a post posted on the Organizer’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Telegram as well as on the FAME profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, where the Contest and its rules will be announced.
i) Jury – a team of people cooperating with Kanga Exchange assessing Contest Entries;
j) Prize – Prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Contest, issued in accordance with the rules and within the time specified in these Regulations, i.e.:

– Prize for the 1st place – the equivalent of 500 USDT (Tether) in virtual currency of FAME tokens listed on the Exchange at the market price on the Exchange on the day and time of announcing the Contest results, as well as 20 KNG tokens;
– 2nd Place Prize – Kanga Exchange Merch Pack: sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, lanyard, stickers;
– 3rd Place Prize – Kanga Exchange Merch Pack: sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, lanyard, stickers;

3.The Contest is not created, administered or sponsored by the portals through which the Contest is conducted.

4. This Contest does not constitute any order or provision of services by the Contest Participant, and does not constitute an obligation to perform a specific paid work, subject to the competition rules described in these Terms and Conditions. The Participant does not perform any activities on behalf of and for the benefit or risk of the Organizer or FAME.

II. Participation in the Contest
1. Participation in the Contest requires acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The content of the Terms and Conditions is available at the following URL: By entering the Contest, the Participant expresses his acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
2. Only natural persons who have an account on the portals through which they intend to take part in the Contest (on which the Contest Post is published) and have an active, unblocked account on the Exchange can participate in the Contest.
3. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Participant also agrees to the Organizer’s use of the comment submitted as part of the Contest for marketing purposes.
4. The Contest consists of adding a comment with a content of the Contest Task by a natural person under the Contest Post. It is not required to post a comment under all Contest Posts, it is enough to post a comment under any Contest Post. The most inventive and creative answer to the Contest Task, as assessed by the Jury, wins. An additional condition is the inclusion in the comment of the following hashtag: #FameUtility
5. Participation in the contest is voluntary and free of charge.
6. The Organizer’s and Fame’s associates, as well as people who directly participate in the organization and conduct of the Contest or their family members cannot participate in the contest.
7. Participants who provide false or incorrect information about themselves, violate the terms of these Terms and Conditions, will not receive the Prize. The participant of the Contest declares that he or she is the author of the submitted comment and that the submitted contest task does not infringe the rights of third parties. If a given comment was published by more than one of the Contest Participants, priority is given to the Contest Participant who has published the comment earlier. Contest participants who have duplicated the comment will not be taken into account when choosing the winners of the Contest.
8. If it is found that the Participant does not meet any of the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions, will be excluded from the Contest and will lose any right to a Prize in the Contest.
9. The Contest Participant agrees that the Organizer and FAME will publish their nickname on the profiles in the Organizer’s and Fame’s social and communication media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram) on all websites through which the Contest Post was published.
10. Comments published as a part of the Contest Task may not contain content which is vulgar, offensive or infringing personal rights of other people.
11. Contest participants are required to comply with these Regulations. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in excluding the Participant from participation in the Contest.
12. In order to collect the Prize for the 1st place, the Contest Participant is obliged to send to the Organizer the e-mail address of the Contest Participant’s account on the Exchange to which the Prize is to be issued.
13. The Prize for the 1st place will be issued within 1 business day from the moment the prize winner will provide the data referred to in the point 9 above. The condition for receiving the Prize is to have an active, unblocked account on the Exchange.
14. In order to collect the Prize for the 2nd and 3rd place, the Contest Participant is obliged to send the following data to the Organizer:

a) an e-mail address of the Contest Participant’s account on the Exchange,
b) full name and full address for shipping the Prize,

15.The 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize will be awarded to the winners by post or courier within 7 days after the Contest Participants indicate their shipping addresses.

16. The data required in accordance with points 13 and 15 above must be sent by the Contest Participant only via a private message via the portal on which the Contest Participant published a comment awarded by the Jury.

17. Sending personal data by a Contest Participant is tantamount to consenting to their processing by the Organizer only for the contest purposes, in accordance with the personal data protection regulations.

18. The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other in-kind prizes. The organizer does not guarantee the exchange rate of FAME tokens in any way, is not their issuer and is not responsible in any way for the further use of these tokens.

19. The organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Contest during its duration.

III. Duration of the contest
1. This contest begins on May 14, 2022 at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST) and ends on May 30, 2022 at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST).
2. The results of the Contest will be announced on May 30, 2022, after the end of the Contest, via the portals on which the Contest Post was published.

IV. Responsibility
1. The Organizer is not responsible for the content of the submitted contest entries, however, in the event of violation of generally applicable standards and the regulations of the portals through which the Contest Post was published, the Organizer may remove the Contest Participant’s comment.
2. Each Contest Participant is responsible for violating the provisions of the Portal regulations to the extent on which he consented in the process of registering a user profile.

FAME on Kanga Exchange






Deposits – 9.05, 11:00 UTC

Asks – 10.05, 11:00 UTC

Bids – 11.05, 11:00 UTC 

Withdrawals – 12.05, 11:00 UTC


Start: 10.05, 11:00 UTC

Standard PoS, with daily reward divided proportionally between all deposited tokens.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards are calculated and distributed daily at 12:00 AM (midnight) UTC.

Tokens can be deposited to or withdrawn from the PoS account at any time.

Deposited tokens are locked for 1 day (starting with the beginning of the next staking period).

Withdrawn tokens are locked for 7 days (starting with the beginning of the next staking period).

In order to count towards reward calculation, tokens must remain in the PoS account for the duration of the entire staking period (midnight to midnight UTC).

APY will be dependent on the amount of people staking. 

How to stake your $FAME tokens on Kanga Exchange?

Nothing simpler, after logging in to your account, click on the PoS tab.

Select “All” and find FAME on the list. 

In the TRANSFER tab select action “Deposit to PoS” and submit a desired amount of tokens you want to stake. 

Do you want to learn more about PoS service on Kanga Exchange?

Read our article: PoS on Kanga Exchange


We are announcing a contest! #TryviumContest

What do you have to do to win?

1) Like the Tryvium Travels project on Twitter

2) Like our Twitter page

3) Share this post on Twitter or Facebook:

4) Describe your dream travel destination in a comment:

🡢 Where would you like to go?

🡢 What type of accommodation would you choose – a small exotic hut on the beach or a luxury hotel in the city center?

🡢 Add the hashtag #TryviumContest to your comment

5) Tag two friends that you would take with you!

What can you win?

🥇 1st place – TRYV tokens worth 100$ and Kanga Exchange Merchandise

🥈 2nd place – TRYV tokens worth 50$

🥉 3rd place – TRYV tokens worth 25$

We will select and reward the 3 most interesting comments.

You can submit your answers until May 10th.

We will announce the winners on May 11th, at 11:00 UTC.

What is Tryvium Travels?

🏨 Tryvium is a modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&B, and other accommodations, which incomporates the use of blockchain along with smart contracts systems.

💸⌚ Main goal? To save customers’ money and time as they experience easy, fast, and secure bookings of accommodations and entertainment activities.

👉 Thanks to partnerships such as Rakuten, HPROtravel, and Hotelbeds Tryvium Travels connects its customers with a pool of more than 1.500.000 facilities all over the world, covering everything from the small B&B to the extra luxury hotels.

Why TRYV tokens are worth having?

🪙 The TRYV token plays a key role in the Tryvium infrastructure: it not only provides a decentralized network that creates a cost-effective peer-to-peer booking platform, but also allows customers to benefit from special rewards such as:

🡢 cashback

🡢 loyalty rewards

🡢 special offers

🡢 Tryvium Gift Experience

🡢 exclusive NFT Minting system directly related to reservations, which will generate collections of real value with each reservation on the Tryvium platform.

📝 Description of the project and details about IEO can be found here: IEO Tryvium Travels on Kanga Exchange

What is NFT and is there a future for it?

Blockchain is more frequently permeating into other areas of our lives, which in the recent months is most vividly exemplified by NFT tokens. Contrary to the opinions expressed by its sceptics, it is not only an example of a technological extravagance. These can even serve art, or entertainment in the broad sense of the word, or business. 

NFT (which stands for Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital element of assets which has no analogical equivalent. Thanks to the fact that it is impossible to duplicate, the token has been used as a proof of authenticity.  

NFT tokens – where did it start?

The forerunner for NFT was Quantum, a token created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash in May 2014. The token included video footage made by McCoy’s wife. They originally called the technology as „monetized graphics”.  

However, it is Etheria, launched and presented during the Ethereum developer’s conference called Devcon 1 in London, that can be considered the first official project of this type. What is interesting is the fact that the conference was held in October 2015 so 3 months after the Ethereum blockchain was launched. The greater majority of the 457 Etheria tiles went unsold for over 5 years. This changed on 13 March 2021 with a significant rise of interest in this solution. The total sale amounted to 1.4 million dollars. 

The term NFT itself only gained acceptance once the ERC-721 standard was proposed in 2017 through GitHub, a hosting platform.

Why are NFT tokens gaining popularity recently?  

There are two specific reasons why NFT has become so popular in the recent times. The first one is related to the question of authenticity. Standardizing the technology has led to all tokens being clearly identifiable and authentic.  Subsequently, it is impossible either to duplicate or copy any of them, thanks to which the risk of a potential fraud is decreased. 

The second relates to the issue of exclusiveness.  It is especially important from the point of view of collectors who value the rare nature of a given item. Owning such an item gives them extraordinary satisfaction. 

In what way are NFT tokens unique?

Just as in the case of Bitcoin, transactions carried with NFT also include data related to ownership in order to more easily identify and transfer tokens between their owners. They can also add metadata or some specific attributes. 

NFT can only be owned by one owner at a time. The unique specifications of a token make the verification of its owners and transferring its value to other owners immeasurably easy. Nonetheless, both the owner and the creator of a given NFT have the option to store some specific information in them. For example, visual artists can sign their works by including their signature in the NFT’s metadata.

NFT evolved from the ERC-721 standard. The standard defines how the minimum interface along with the metadata should look like. Next, it was updated to the ERC-1155 standard, which lowered the costs of transactions and storing and grouped many kinds of non-fungible tokens within one contract. 

As far as the safety of use is concerned, due to the distributed nature of blockchains, the NFT is extremely difficult to hack. Losing access to a given token, when the platform which serves to enable operations with it is suspended, can be a big threat.

What can constitute a NFT token?

Non-fungible tokens can be a digital representation of any resource, including the ones accessible only online, such as digital works of art or real assets in the form of real estate. We may also mention here computer games’ avatars, digital collectibles, names of domains or tickets for cultural or sports events. 

However, by its nature NFT does not grant copyright nor intellectual property rights to the digital resource which is being represented by the token. Even though anyone can sell the NFT that represents their work of art, the buyer will not necessarily obtain the copyright when the ownership of the NFT is exchanged. Hence, tokens are treated as proof of ownership other than copyright. 

What is the role NFT tokens can play in the future? 

NFT is a peculiar evolution of the concept of cryptocurrencies. Modern financial systems consist of complicated trading and lending systems for different types of assets, from loan agreements to examples of audiovisual works of art. While enabling a digital representation of physical resources, the NFT is a leap forward in discovering these infrastructures anew. 

Obviously, the idea is not new, similarly to the aspect of using unique identification. However, once those two concepts are combined with the benefits of manipulation resilient blockchain, they become a powerful drive towards change. 

Perhaps the most evident benefit drawn from the NFT is market efficiency. Transforming the physical resources into digital ones improves processes and eliminates the intermediaries. Tokens that represent works of art function without the participation of agents/patrons and make it possible for the artists to have direct contact with their recipients. The same also concerns business processes. Even in case of a bottle of wine the NFT will enable different participants in the supply chain to interact with it and will help trace its origin, production and sale throughout the process. 

We are also talking about an effective tool for managing identity here. It is enough to mention the physical passports. Converting them into NFTs with unique identification features will make it possible to improve the process of entering or leaving from specific jurisdictions. Moving forward, the NFT will contribute to a more precise verification of identity in the digital sphere. 

The NFT token can also democratize investing through fractioning such physical assets as real estate. It is much easier to divide a digital resource representing real estate among many owners than the physical one. And this tokenization ethics does not have to be limited to real estate only; it can be expanded to other resources, like graphics. Hence, a painting does not always have to have one owner. Its digital counterpart can be owned by many owners and each one of them is responsible for a fraction of that painting. Such a system could increase its value and revenues. 

Nonetheless, the most exciting perspective for the NFT is the creation of new markets and new forms of investing. Let us consider some area of land divided into many lots, each part containing different features and different types of real estate. One of them may be located near the beach, another one in an entertainment complex, and yet another one serves as a residential area. Depending on their features each piece of land is unique and priced according to separate criteria. In other words, the real estate business, complicated when we talk about all the bureaucracy, can be ultimately simplified by including the right metadata. 

Exchange specific tokens – what makes them different?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the equivalent of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the cryptocurrency industry. A company which wishes to raise money to create their new service, a new application or to increase their turnover on the exchange may launch an ICO as a way of obtaining funds. 

Once the investors who are interested in the offer buy the ‘shares’, they will receive an exchange specific NFT token issued by the company. It could have some functionality connected with the company’s product or service or simply represent ownership of a share in it. 

How can you make profit on exchange specific NFT tokens?

The initial public offerings of company shares raise money for the companies which enter the stock exchange and result in distributing the shares among investors. In case of ICOs cryptographic companies raise funds through the sale of NFT tokens. Both options assume an optimistic approach of the investors regardless of whether we talk about the company or the cryptocurrency. They decide to engage their funds based on a conviction that the value of assets will increase with time. 

By the same token, the participants of ICO venture a bet that the price of the currently developing token will drastically outgrow its initial value. 

The exchange specific KNG token – why is it worth investing in? 

Token KNG is functional in its nature and is used to settle transactions on Kanga Exchange. The token may be used for many services offered by Kanga as a cryptocurrency exchange.  To say the least, we could mention the exchange of cryptocurrencies in dedicated stationary exchange offices or the billing system facilitating companies to trade in cryptocurrencies. The fees for providing such services are charged in none other than our token.

It should be emphasized here that individuals wishing to use the exchange do not have to own any KNG beforehand. From the very beginning the project was aimed at ensuring ultimate liquidity of transferred funds and automation of the exchange process. All that for the purpose of making the use of digital money simpler than ever before.

IEO Tryvium Travels on Kanga Exchange

Tryvium, your next travel partner: host and travel with Crypto

Tryvium is a modern booking platform that incorporates the use of the blockchain and smart contracts.
The blockchain technology allows cheap, safe, and easy payments: Its distributed and immutable database helps transactions to be processed and carried out quickly, and, being the blockchain a safe technology, users can be sure their transactions are secure. 

Tryvium Travels has a single goal: to provide tourists hassle-free and secure online bookings using the smartly distributed ledger system.

Tryvium infrastructure delivers a decentralized network to create a cost-effective and peer-to-peer booking platform.

The key role of partnerships

To realize its vision and deliver it Tryvium has reached important partnership agreements. 

Despite the Platform being a BETA version ( Tryvium Travels already connects its customers with a huge pool of more than 1.500.000 facilities all over the world, covering everything from the small B&B to the extra luxury hotels. This is only possible because of our partnership agreements with Rakuten, HPROtravel and Hotelbeds.

Of course that won’t be enough to fulfill Tryvium’s vision of a decentralized network, and this is why the Tryvium Travels CTO and blockchain architect has worked side by side with Syscoin Platform, providing one of the fastest, cheapest and most secure payment system in the whole Crypto Universe (transaction fee 0.00001739 $, Hash Rate 28.55 EH/s).

Addressing the problem – Finding the solution

With the world becoming a smaller global village year after year the desire to travel, explore, take vacations has increased and doesn’t seem to stop.
Cohorporates giants such as, Expedia and Airbnb hold massive shares of a market that, according to the most recents market analysis and predictions, will reach $983.2 Billions in 2027.
Now, not only do they impose impressive fees (up to 30%), they can also manipulate the OTA price, ending up with a far more attractive price compared to the Host’s actual price.

Tourists are left alone in facing these struggles, without a real possibility to choose what suits them best.

  • High rental costs due to third-party charges by booking platforms. 
  • Security issues when booking online. A lot of sensitive client information could be lost as a result of hacking attacks.
  • Exchanging currencies when traveling in different countries and locations is not only cunfusionary, but also expensive.

Tryvium worked to solve these problems and found the solution looking at the blockchain technology:

  • The high rental costs are cut, removing third-party charges and directly connecting users with hosts.
  • Security is assured by the safe nature of the blockchain technology itself, ensuring that all transactions are safely recorded and stored, making it impossible for hackers to steal sensitive information.
  • Being the blockchain a global technology, exchanging currencies is now as easy as it is fast and secure.

Tryvium Travels has made a step even further to provide extra benefits to its clients.

The Tryvium TRYV Token and a world of collectible NFTs

TRYV is the beating heart of our vision: it will be used for the booking payments, providing easy, fast, secure transactions and our absolutely best prices.
By using TRYV users will be rewarded with special tokenized benefits such as cashback, loyalty rewards, special offers and an exclusive system of NFT booking/minting, that will generate real value collectibles with each booking on the Tryvium platform.

TRYV token is available on the Binance Smart Chain, and it will soon support Ethereum (ETH), Polygon Network (MATIC), Syscoin (SYS) and Tron Network (TRX), and every blockchain that supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine Paradigm (EVM).

The minting of NFTs will be a complete new experience for tourists. Every time they make a reservation for a specific destination on the Tryvium platform they will be rewarded with the specific NFT of that destination. Let’s put it simply: Go to Rome, get you the Colosseum NFT.

What is the big deal with Tryvium NFT?

NFTs won’t only work as a discount to come back to the same destination, but they will also be an artistic creation that represents the travel destination through the local artist’s eyes  and vision.

This will also boost the art movement and help artists  make a big step towards decentralization.


Softcap: 50k $

Hardcap: 500k $

Price per token: 0.025$

Min Investment: 100$ 

Max Investment: 5000$ 

Vesting: 30% at the beginning, remaining 70% in equal monthly tranches for 2 months

Listing pair: TRYV-USDT

Purchase cryptocurrency: USDT, BTC, ETH, oPLN, oEUR, oUSD, USDC

Token type: BEP20

Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

IEO date: 26.04.22 11:00 UTC

Asks: TBA

Bids: TBA

Withdrawals: TBA


For every other additional info about Tryvium Travels, such as Roadmap and Whitepaper, check the website

Link to IEO:


As announced yesterday at the Kanga Exchange x Cryptiony webinar, we have a contest for you! 🤗

You can win 5 codes for the annual PRO plan on the Cryptiony platform, which will reduce the value of the order from 599 to 1 PLN! Each code is valid once.

With the PRO plan, you will settle your taxes on crypto in no time and you will gain:

🡢 No transaction limit

🡢 Import of transactions from a file

🡢 Integration with exchanges via API

🡢 Synchronization every 3 hours

🡢 Cockpit with statistics

🡢 On-line tax report

🡢 Tax report in pdf

🡢 Priority email support

How to take part in the contest? 🤔

Tell us why you should be the one to receive a discount code from us – write in the comment or record a short video.

Share your answer on Facebook/Twitter or Instagram and mark it with the hashtag #CryptionyContest.

You can submit your answers until April 27, 23:59 CET.

The winners will be announced on April 28 at 16:00 CET.

Want to know more about the Cryptiony platform?

Check out the website: or

Cryptiony x Kanga Exchange – cryptocurrency tax made easy! 🙌

*Offer for people who settle taxes in Poland.