ETHW on Kanga Exchange

Kanga is one of the first exchanges to introduce trading on ETHW!

Airdrop of ETHW

You can claim your ETHW tokens now! Reminder: If you had ETH tokens on your wallet during #TheMerge, in the “My wallet” tab you will find the “Rewards” category where you are now able to claim ETHw tokens in the 1:1 ratio with the amount of ETH you had in your wallet at the time of #TheMerge! You can claim the tokens both on the website and in the Kanga Wallet mobile app. To claim the tokens in the mobile app, make sure to download its latest version. You have a week to claim! The airdrop will end at 26.09.2022 8:00 UTC.


On Monday, September 19th, we opened the ETHW/USDT pair! Trading is now live! ➡️


But this is not the end of the ETHW related news We have more. We are introduing staking ETHW on Kanga Exchange!


Sell orders 19.09 | 11:00 UTC
Trading on the ETHW/USDT pair live 19.09 | 12:00 UTC
Staking 20.09 | 8:00 UTC
Withdrawals 20.09 | 11:00 UTC
Claim the airdrop until 26.09 | 8:00 UTC

Contest DASH x Kanga Exchange

#KangaDash! CONTEST


1. Answer the question “Fork of which cryptocurrency is Dash?” and tell us in what store you want to use this super-fast payments cryptocurrency by using Dash and your Kanga card! @ the store account!!

2. Tag us with the hashtag #KangaDash #️⃣

You can win 5x $100 in KNG and $100 in DASH! 💰

⚠️ Only users with an active Kanga Exchange account and Kanga card holders can take part in the contest. ⚠️

If you are not a user of our exchange or you do not have our card yet, it’s not too late!

Go to ➡️ and create an account, then to ➡️ and join the Kanga Club!

“Dash x Kanga” Contest Regulations

(hereinafter referred to as the ”Regulations”)

I. General Terms and Rules

  1. These Regulations govern the conditions on the basis of which the “Dash x Kanga” Contest is carried out, as well as rights and obligations of the Contest Organiser and Contest Participants.
  2. The terms and expressions set forth hereunder shall have the following meaning:

a. Contest – the contest entitled “Dash x Kanga” carried out on the basis of the present Regulations;
b. Dash – Dash Core Group, Inc, 

c. A natural person – a natural person at least 18 years of age with full active legal capacity;
d. Organiser – Kanga Exchange – Good Solution Investments Limited, Cromwell House, Ground-Floor, 117 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize; Company Number 176380;
e. Market – virtual currency and token exchange platform based online on and run by the Organiser;
f. Contest Participant – every natural person who made a valid application to the Contest and meets the criteria determined by the Contest Regulations;
g. Contest Task –”Answer the question “Fork of which cryptocurrency is Dash?” and tell us in what store you want to use this super-fast payments cryptocurrency by using Dash and your Kanga card! @ the store account! Tag us with the hashtag #KangaDash”
h. Contest Post – the post published on the Organiser’s or Dash’s social media Portals: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn (hereinafter refferred to as the „Portals”), where the Contest and the rules are announced;
i. Jury – a panel of people cooperating within the Kanga Exchange project and assessing the submitted Contest Posts;
j. Prize – the equivalent of 100 USDT in DASH tokens and the equivalent of 100 USDT in KNG tokens for the selected 5 Participants of the Contest.

3. The Contest is not created, administered or sponsored by the Portal by means of which the Contest is carried out. The Organizer releases the entities running the Portals from any liability in the organization and conduct of the Contest.

4. This Contest is neither a service order or a provision of services by the Contest Participant, nor it constitutes commitment to any payable performance obligation, subject to the principles outlined in the Regulations. Contest Participant is not taking a risk on, acting on behalf of or for the benefit of the Organiser.

II. Contest Participation

  1. Contest Participation requires acceptance of the Regulations. The content of the Regulations is available on the site URL:
    By entering the Contest, the Participant accepts the provisions of the Regulations.
  2. Eligible for participation in the Contest are only natural persons who:
  1. have an account on the portal, on which the Contest Post is published
  2. have an active, unblocked account on the exchange,
  3. are members of the Kanga Club, where it is required to accept the Kanga Club regulations and have at least placed an order for the Kanga Club card.
  1. By accepting the provisions of the Regulations, the Participant expresses consent to the processing of the comment published in the Contest for marketing purposes.
  2. The Contest is about publishing a comment that constitutes the Contest Task by a natural person under the Contest Post. The Contest shall be assessed by the Jury. Participation in the Contest is free and voluntary.
  3. The Organiser’s affiliates and related parties’ associates, persons involved in the Contest organisation and conduct, as well as their family members are not allowed to enter the Contest.
  4. Participants who provide false or incorrect personal data are violating the rules of this Regulations and will not be granted the Prize. Contest Participant declares that they are the author of the entry submitted to the Contest and that it does not, in any way, infringe the rights of third parties. 
  5. Any applicant not fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be excluded from the Contest and will lose the entitlement to the Contest Prize.
  6. The Participant consents to the Organiser publishing their nick and Contest Post on Organiser’s social media profiles and communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram).
  7. The comments published in the Contest cannot contain anything that is generally considered to be vulgar, insulting or violating personal interests of other people. Participants are required to comply with the Regulations. The failure to comply with the Regulations may result in excluding the Participant from the Contest.
  8. To collect the Prize, Contest winners are obliged to disclose, in the private message on the Portal where they published their Contest Task entry, an e-mail address authenticating the Market account. Holding an active unlocked account on the Market is a condition for receiving the Prize.
  9. The prize in tokens will be sent immediately after the Contest winner fulfills the obligation referred to in sec. 10 above.
  10. Disclosing personal data by the Participant is tantamount to consent to its processing by the Organiser for the purposes of conducting the contest, in compliance with personal data protection regulations.
  11. The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize.
  12. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Contest Regulations throughout the Contest duration.
  13. The prize consisting of DASH tokens is founded by Dash.

III. Contest Period

  1. The Contest shall begin on 5.08.2022 at 2:00 PM UTC and end on 19.08.2022 at 2:00 PM UTC
  2. The Contest results will be announced on the Organizer’s and Dash’s Portals where the Contest Task was advertised.

IV. Liability

  1. The Organiser shall not be responsible for the content of the published Contest entries however, in case of violation of the accepted standards or the regulations of the Portals through which the Contest Post was published, will be authorised to delete a Participant’s comment.
  2. The governing law applicable to this Contest is, subject to the mandatory provisions of law, the law applicable to the Contest Organiser.
  3. Every Participant is responsible for violating the provisions of the Portals regulations in the extent of the user consent provided in the profile registration process.

Autotransfer on KNG PoS

Kanga Exchange offers a number of options for earning passive income. One of them is Proof of Stake, i.e. the possibility to stake tokens and receive prizes. On our exchange you will find many PoSes at your disposal (the list of all can be found after logging in to your Kanga account → PoS tab → after selecting the “all” filter), but one of them is special – KNG PoS offering the autotransfer option.

How does autotransfer work and what are its benefits?

Autotransfer PoS automatically transfers the daily rewards for staking KNG tokens into your PoS account. This means that rewards automatically go to your PoS account, rather than going to your wallet. This is a very attractive feature for several reasons.

First, with autotransfer, you don’t have to manually transfer your rewards to your PoS account. This function does it for you, you don’t have to worry about it.

Thanks to this, your PoS balance is increased every day by the value of the prize, which means that when settling the prize, an increasing number of KNG on your PoS is taken into account – thanks to this, you have a chance for higher and higher prizes. This is an example of the practical use of compound interest.

However, the most attractive benefit of autotransfer is a bonus to the reward that grows every day. For each day that autotransfer is active, your PoS reward is increased by the “current bonus” value.

How high is the bonus? What conditions must be met to receive it? To understand this better, let’s take a look at a few principles of how the autotransfer and the bonus work.

Autotransfer and bonus rules

  • Autotransfer is available only on the KNG PoS.
  • Autotransfer can only be turned on when the funds are deposited and visible on the PoS account.
  • The daily staking reward is different each day – it is dependent on the sum of all fees and daily commissions from services on the Kanga platform; which are distributed in proportion to the amount of KNG deposited to PoS by each user, the amount may vary from day to day. The reward is increased by the bonus value and is paid out together with the base reward.
  • When autotransfer is on, the rewards automatically go to your PoS balance.
  • When autotransfer is off, rewards automatically go to your Kanga wallet.
  • With the autotransfer on, the user’s bonus to the reward grows every day. The bonus increases by 0.3% every day, which means that:

-On the first day the bonus amounts to 0%

-On the second day 0.3%

-On the third day 0.6%

-On the fourth day 0.9%, etc.

  • It is worth noting that there is no upper limit for the bonus! In practice, this means that it can grow indefinitely to 100%, 150%, 200% and more!
  • First, the bonus value is added to the number of KNG, and then a reward for staking is calculated.
  • The bonus increases continuously until the autotransfer function is turned off or until the funds are withdrawn from the PoS account. After turning the autotransfer on again, the bonus starts to grow again, starting from 0%.
  • There is no minimum amount required to enable PoS autotransfer.

Autotransfer bonus based on an example

We know that not everybody is a scientist or a mathematical guru, so we will explain how the autotransfer bonus works on a simple example, so that everyone can easily understand its principle.

To simplify the calculations, let’s assume that Benjamin deposits 100 KNG tokens to PoS and enables the autotransfer option.

On the first day, the bonus is 0%, so the award is calculated from the amount of 100 KNG.

After half a year, the Benjamin bonus is approx. 50%, which means that the award is calculated from approx. 100 KNG (which Benjamin keeps on his PoS) + 50% of the amount kept on PoS (in this case 50% of 100 KNG = 50 KNG), i.e. from approx. 150 KNG.

After a year, the bonus is approx. 100%, so the award is calculated from 100 KNG + 100 KNG from the autotransfer bonus, so from approx. 200 KNG.

In other words, the daily bonus increase means that your KNG staking rewards on PoS are growing! The reward, of course, depends on the daily income of the exchange, as mentioned above, however, thanks to the enabled autotransfer option and the constantly growing bonus, your prizes can become higher and higher without much effort.

Flash sale of a hot NFT collection on Kanga Exchange – NAKA Punks

On Thursday, July 28, Kanga will host the first INO event in our history, i.e. Initial NFT Offering. We will sell a limited number of NFT tokens from the NAKA Punks collection, for which stands one of the leaders in the metaverse and play-to-earn industry – the Nakamoto Games project.

NAKA PUNKS get a lot of publicity recently. This collection can offer benefits and speculative value comparable to NFT blue chips such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks.

NAKA Punk’s initial market price was set at $200. It is not without significance that tokens from the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection were sold for the first time for a similar price (0.08 ETH, i.e. $190). The cheapest Bored Ape now costs around 100 ETH.

Having NAKA Punk will allow investors to get passive income in two ways.

First of all, investors who buy NAKA Punks will have the option to receive a plot of land in the NAKAVERSE metaverse worth $500 – immediately giving them an asset in excess of two and a half times the cost of purchasing the NFT token itself.

The $500 NAKAVERSE property generates profits from the extraction of minerals sold on the NAKAVERSE market.

NFT holders will also receive a permanent share of the profits of the Nakamoto Games gaming platform.

To receive NAKA Punks NFT you need to have active Metamask wallet.

Each NAKA Punk NFT will have distinct and unique features. The rarer the NFTs are, the higher their potential speculative value will be, and hence the greater their profit potential.

If that was not enough, the owners of NAKA Punks also receive membership in the exclusive Satoshi Gaming Club. Members of this club can access airdrops and private pre-orders of the most exciting blockchain game projects.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Nakamoto Games offers a buyback guarantee for dissatisfied investors. Buyers will be able to resell their NAKA Punk for the initial price exactly one year after purchase. The guarantee will be honored under the condition that the investors have not taken advantage of any benefits offered in the meantime, e.g. they have not collected a plot of land from the metaverse.

NAKA Punks has the potential to become one of the hottest NFT collections of 2022, and the Kanga Exchange is the place to go for it soon.

The sale of NAKA Punks will take place on Thursday 28 at 9:00 UTC.

There will be 4 different auctions available during the event:

In order to take part in this event, you must store at least 100 KNG tokens at our POS. 4 different packages will be available during the event:
– 50 packets with 1 NFT for everyone
– 100 packets with 1 NFT for KNG hodlers with 0.3% autobonus
– 50 packets with 2 NFT for KNG hodlers with 1% autobonus
– 25 packets of 3 NFT for KNG hodlers with 1% autobonus
Autobonus 1% only requires staking for 4 days, so you can still start staking and take part in the NakaPunks flashsale!

Link to the auctions:

IEO Solidus AITech on Kanga Exchange

Solidus AITech as a positive change for Artificial Intelligence

Solidus AI Tech is the world’s first deflationary Artificial Intelligence utility token.

Solidus AI Tech is building an eco-friendly high-performance computing (HPC) data center and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform where governments, mega-corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals will be able to seamlessly purchase AI services via the AITECH token.

Problem and solution

A significant problem is the lack of European HPC facilities in the world’s top 10 ranking.

This means that companies in the EU tend to outsource their supercomputing needs overseas, causing security, latency and high costs. The EU consumes a third of HPC resources, producing only 5% of the computing power. European scientists and engineers rely 10 times more on expensive US supercomputers than on those found in Europe.

Solidus AI Tech has completed the construction of the main data center and is ready to start the installation of HPC infrastructure located in Bucharest, which will significantly help fill this gap and enable European companies to obtain supercomputing power in the EU.

This facility will be more efficient and cheaper than those located in the United States. Operating in Bucharest, Solidus benefits from the cheap electricity and high-speed internet, as well as intellectual property (IP).

The goal is for the center to use around 40% less energy than the industry average. Solidus has the potential to become the leading HPC center in the EU and to enter the world’s top 10 HPC centers.

Solidus with a helping hand for the Earth

The project supports the Crypto Climate Accord initiative, the assumptions of which are:

  • Achieve zero emissions from electricity consumption by 2030.
  • Develop standards, tools and technologies by working with projects supporting CCA to accelerate the adoption of the initiative and verify progress toward blockchains supported 100% by the renewable source of energy by UNFCCC COP30 conference in 2025.

Crypto Climate Accord will ensure success for both the planet and the global economy. They can bring a whole new class of customers on board with a high demand for low-carbon solutions. In the case of the crypto industry, they can help support the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by making the industry more sustainable.

Solidus is the perfect solution for whom the climate is essential.

The benefits of steam cooling are well documented. This energy-saving, environmentally friendly technology uses 80% less energy than compressor air conditioning, can lower the air temperature by up to 12 degrees, improves air quality by removing dust, exhaust fumes and unpleasant odors, and does not require closing doors or windows.

HPC already consumes a large proportion of the world’s energy, and various air cooling solutions consume up to 30%-40% of the total energy used. Therefore, there is an urgent need to implement sustainable solutions.

Additionally, Solidus plans to plant 128 trees around the center located in Bucharest as part of a volunteering program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Romania. The top 10 teenage computer scientists from the National Olympics will be invited to participate in the Solidus Technologies Educational Awards.

AI Platform

Once the AI ​​infrastructure goes live, governments, mega-corporations, SMEs and professionals will be able to purchase a wide variety of AI services.

Through the platform, Solidus will handle complex computation-intensive data analysis tasks that include:

  1. Self Driving Cars
  2. Face & Voice Recognition
  3. Medical Industry
  4. Health Care
  5. Recruitment
  6. Sales Automation & Lead Generation
  7. Virtual Assistants
  8. Traffic Congestion
  9.  Border Control
  10.  Agriculture

Platform can be used to support a range of government and public sector applications including digital currencies/payments, land registration, identity management, supply chain operation, healthcare, business registration, taxation, voting (elections and proxy), and legal entities management.


Metaverse in futurism and science fiction is often described as a universal virtual world that is accessible through the use of virtual and augmented reality kits. It is an independent virtual economy made possible by digital currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Both the Metaverse and Play2Earn have seen significant growth in the last few years. According to a 2021 Bloomberg Intelligence report, the market was worth around $500 billion in 2020, with many predicting it could reach over $1 trillion in the coming years.

Solidus AI Tech is currently involved in the next-generation Play2Earn and Metaverse platform project, which will include 3D AI Meta Battlebots (NPCs).

Auctions for KNG holders

We have prepared an auction especially for PoS KNG users, you will be able to buy tokens 20% cheaper!

Auctions will start on Monday, at 9:00 AM UTC, one day before the IEO. Each of the auctions has specific conditions, which we have described for you below:

First auction, 200 bundles with a total value of 3000 AITECH

– the current autosupply bonus: at least 0.3%

– total rewards from the last 30 days: at least 0.01 KNG

Second auction, 150 bundles with a total value of 6,000 AITECH

– current auto-top-up bonus: at least 1%

– total rewards from the last 30 days: at least 0.5 KNG

Third auction, 50 bundles with a total value of 10,000 AITECH

– current auto-top-up bonus: at least 6%

– total rewards from the last 30 days: at least 5 KNG


Hardcap: [$]: $17,979,149.00

Price per token: [$]: $0.020865

Min Investment: $100

Max Investment: $500,000

Vesting: 0% of the purchased token amount will be available immediately upon completion of the transaction. The remaining portion will be released in equal shares over 450 consecutive days.

Listing pair: AITECH/USDT

Purchase cryptocurrency: 

IEO date: 5/07/2022, 10:00 UTC

Length of IEO: 4 weeks

Asks: TBA

Bids: TBA

Withdrawals date: TBA



Token type: Ethereum, ERC-20

Mainnet: Ethereum

Additional information, including Roadmap and Whitepaper, can be found on

Contest FAME x Kanga Exchange #FameUtility


What do you have to do to win?

Suggest a utility of the $FAME token. We are very curious about your ideas!

Write a comment under contest post on our SM channels (Kanga Exchange or Fame MMA) and mark it with the hashtag #FameUtility. We’ll choose the most inventive and creative answer! 🔥

The contest participants must have a registered account on the Kanga Exchange platform.

The first place prize wins $500 in $FAME 🤑 tokens (market price on the day the competition is resolved) and 20$ in $KNG tokens. 💵

The 2nd and 3rd person will receive a Kanga merch pack!

Start: 14.05, 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST)

End: 30.05, 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST)

🌟 Show some love to our Social Media profiles:






Twitter Kanga Exchange

Twitter FAME MMA

Good luck! 🌟

Terms and Conditions of the Contest “Suggest a utility for the FAME token”
(hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions)

I. General provisions
1. These Terms and Conditions define the conditions under which the Contest “Suggest a utility of the FAME token” is carried out, as well as the rights and obligations of the Contest Organizer and Contest Participants.
2. The terms used in these Terms and Conditions should be understood as follows:
a) Contest – a contest called “Suggest a utility of the FAME token” conducted on the terms governed by these Terms and Conditions;
b) Natural person – an adult natural person with full legal capacity;
c) Organizer, Founder, Kanga Exchange – Good Solution Investments Limited, Cromwell House, Ground-Floor, 117 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize; Incorporation number: 176,380, which is the organizer of the Contest and the founder of the awards
d) Exchange – exchange platform, incl. virtual currencies and tokens, run at by the Organizer
e) Contest Participant – any natural person meeting the criteria for taking part in the Contest described in the Contest Terms and Conditions, who entered the Contest on the terms set out in the Contest’s Terms and Conditions.
f) FAME – Fame MMA joint-stock company with head office in Swarzędz, Dworcowa 4b/3 st., 62-020 Swarzędz, entered into the Register of Companies kept by the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000883491, NIP: 7773370464, REGON: 38818115600000, share capital: PLN 400,000
g) Contest task – “Suggest a utility for the FAME token, write a comment under the Contest Post on the Kanga or FAME profiles with a tag #FameUtility;”.
h) Contest Post – a post posted on the Organizer’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Telegram as well as on the FAME profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, where the Contest and its rules will be announced.
i) Jury – a team of people cooperating with Kanga Exchange assessing Contest Entries;
j) Prize – Prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Contest, issued in accordance with the rules and within the time specified in these Regulations, i.e.:

– Prize for the 1st place – the equivalent of 500 USDT (Tether) in virtual currency of FAME tokens listed on the Exchange at the market price on the Exchange on the day and time of announcing the Contest results, as well as 20 KNG tokens;
– 2nd Place Prize – Kanga Exchange Merch Pack: sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, lanyard, stickers;
– 3rd Place Prize – Kanga Exchange Merch Pack: sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, lanyard, stickers;

3.The Contest is not created, administered or sponsored by the portals through which the Contest is conducted.

4. This Contest does not constitute any order or provision of services by the Contest Participant, and does not constitute an obligation to perform a specific paid work, subject to the competition rules described in these Terms and Conditions. The Participant does not perform any activities on behalf of and for the benefit or risk of the Organizer or FAME.

II. Participation in the Contest
1. Participation in the Contest requires acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The content of the Terms and Conditions is available at the following URL: By entering the Contest, the Participant expresses his acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
2. Only natural persons who have an account on the portals through which they intend to take part in the Contest (on which the Contest Post is published) and have an active, unblocked account on the Exchange can participate in the Contest.
3. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Participant also agrees to the Organizer’s use of the comment submitted as part of the Contest for marketing purposes.
4. The Contest consists of adding a comment with a content of the Contest Task by a natural person under the Contest Post. It is not required to post a comment under all Contest Posts, it is enough to post a comment under any Contest Post. The most inventive and creative answer to the Contest Task, as assessed by the Jury, wins. An additional condition is the inclusion in the comment of the following hashtag: #FameUtility
5. Participation in the contest is voluntary and free of charge.
6. The Organizer’s and Fame’s associates, as well as people who directly participate in the organization and conduct of the Contest or their family members cannot participate in the contest.
7. Participants who provide false or incorrect information about themselves, violate the terms of these Terms and Conditions, will not receive the Prize. The participant of the Contest declares that he or she is the author of the submitted comment and that the submitted contest task does not infringe the rights of third parties. If a given comment was published by more than one of the Contest Participants, priority is given to the Contest Participant who has published the comment earlier. Contest participants who have duplicated the comment will not be taken into account when choosing the winners of the Contest.
8. If it is found that the Participant does not meet any of the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions, will be excluded from the Contest and will lose any right to a Prize in the Contest.
9. The Contest Participant agrees that the Organizer and FAME will publish their nickname on the profiles in the Organizer’s and Fame’s social and communication media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram) on all websites through which the Contest Post was published.
10. Comments published as a part of the Contest Task may not contain content which is vulgar, offensive or infringing personal rights of other people.
11. Contest participants are required to comply with these Regulations. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in excluding the Participant from participation in the Contest.
12. In order to collect the Prize for the 1st place, the Contest Participant is obliged to send to the Organizer the e-mail address of the Contest Participant’s account on the Exchange to which the Prize is to be issued.
13. The Prize for the 1st place will be issued within 1 business day from the moment the prize winner will provide the data referred to in the point 9 above. The condition for receiving the Prize is to have an active, unblocked account on the Exchange.
14. In order to collect the Prize for the 2nd and 3rd place, the Contest Participant is obliged to send the following data to the Organizer:

a) an e-mail address of the Contest Participant’s account on the Exchange,
b) full name and full address for shipping the Prize,

15.The 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize will be awarded to the winners by post or courier within 7 days after the Contest Participants indicate their shipping addresses.

16. The data required in accordance with points 13 and 15 above must be sent by the Contest Participant only via a private message via the portal on which the Contest Participant published a comment awarded by the Jury.

17. Sending personal data by a Contest Participant is tantamount to consenting to their processing by the Organizer only for the contest purposes, in accordance with the personal data protection regulations.

18. The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other in-kind prizes. The organizer does not guarantee the exchange rate of FAME tokens in any way, is not their issuer and is not responsible in any way for the further use of these tokens.

19. The organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Contest during its duration.

III. Duration of the contest
1. This contest begins on May 14, 2022 at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST) and ends on May 30, 2022 at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST).
2. The results of the Contest will be announced on May 30, 2022, after the end of the Contest, via the portals on which the Contest Post was published.

IV. Responsibility
1. The Organizer is not responsible for the content of the submitted contest entries, however, in the event of violation of generally applicable standards and the regulations of the portals through which the Contest Post was published, the Organizer may remove the Contest Participant’s comment.
2. Each Contest Participant is responsible for violating the provisions of the Portal regulations to the extent on which he consented in the process of registering a user profile.