Kanga Wallet – mobile app

Did you know that you can also keep your tokens (available on the Kanga Exchange) in your pocket?

You can do this thanks to our Kanga Wallet mobile app. By installing it and logging in to your account (the same which you have on our exchange), you can easily:

  • check the current exchange rates,
  • gain quick access to your funds balance,
  • buy and sell cryptocurrencies in stationary exchange points
  • send cryptocurrencies by e-mail,
  • participate in the distribution of the PoS award.

The Kanga Wallet app makes your transactions much faster and easier. Four clicks is all you need to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in one of our stationary exchange points. Here is how to do it:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Go to the OTC tab
  3. Generate the code
  4. Confirm the transaction

With the Kanga Wallet app you will be able to trade your tokens faster and more conveniently as well as control the market situation, all in one place – without the need of visiting several websites.

Soon there will also be an update of our app, which will be enriched with additional, very interesting functions that you have been waiting for ๐Ÿ™‚ We will inform you about it immediately!

Check for yourself how easy it can be to sell and buy cryptocurrencies with the Kanga Wallet mobile app.

Download it now:

Google Play

App Store

Kanga exchange points and Kanga Local

One of our main ideas is to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies to the everyday world. It is possible thanks to our extensive and innovative network of exchange points, where you can easily exchange cryptocurrencies for cash and vice versa!

We already have over 330 stationary exchange points and users of the Kanga Local service. In addition to numerous points in Poland, Kanga Exchange has already reached England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sweden and Ukraine! And this is just the beginning!

Kanga offers:

  • Kanga Local service, i.e. the possibility of making transactions with natural persons, ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash*
  • Stationary exchange points**
  • Mobile exchange points**

Perhaps one of our stationary exchange points is located in your city. However, if you are too far to the nearest point, you will surely find a convenient option among our Kanga Local users!

โ†’ Go to the website https://kangakantor.pl/en/#/,

โ†’ click one of the pins on the interactive map,

โ†’ call the number displayed,

โ†’ make an appointment.

Chances are good that a Kanga Local user who answers the phone will be able to reach you!

When using our currency exchange services, remember that Kangaโ€™s commission is only 1%, the rest of the commission is determined by the service operator. Typically, the total commission is around 3%. Before making a transaction, make sure how much the total commission will be. At the same time, we encourage you to negotiate.

It is also possible to make transactions without creating an account on Kanga Exchange. In this case, you can use the voucher. Details can be found at: https://kangakantor.pl/#/coupon

We warmly encourage you to use our services.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies has never been so easy and convenient!

*The regulations connected with the freedom of cryptocurrency exchange between natural persons apply.

**In accordance with the regulations in stationary exchange points:

   – transactions up to 1000 euro can be made in our exchange points without identity
    verification (KYC)

   – transactions from 15 thousand euro are connected with the requirement to report the
    transaction to the GIFI