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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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1. There is no limit to the number of users the referrer can invite.

2. When a referred user carries out a market transaction, a percentage of the generated transaction fee becomes a commission reward.

3. The commission on transaction fees generated by referred users is granted for life.

4. The referral will not be recognized if the referrer’s account has been created less than 24 hours prior or if the referrer and the referred have the same IP address.

5. Any attempts to abuse the program (e.g. via mass registrations) will result in immediate disqualification and cancellation of all fraudulently obtained referral benefits.

6. Kanga Exchange reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms of the Affiliate Program, as well as the right to alter or amend these terms at any time.

General rules

  1. As part of one user account the user may have many different campaigns, i.e. affiliate programs, and each campaign means separate affiliate links (there may be many links to each campaign) and separate commission allotment tables.
  2. Affiliate links for a campaign are only generated once the campaign is launched. Up to that moment changes can be made in the commission allotment table. Once the campaign is launched you can no longer make changes in the commission allotment table.
  3. The available pool of share in per cents may change with time. This, however,does not impact the campaigns already initiated.
  4. Statistical data (clicks, events of registration, income, number of transactions) are available for each campaign – you can get the data as balances or in the form of charts (depending on how developed the affiliate program is)
  5. The current affiliate program will be converted into a new three-level program, providing some events of registration occurred. If, however, there are no such events on the user account, new affiliate links must be created.

Commission distribution

The system consists of a three-level division of returns from transactional fees among affilliates on three different levels of affiliation:

  • Level 1: the main affiliate – it is the user who will be the first to share the affiliate link for another user to register an account
  • Level 2: the middle affiliate – it is the user who is registered thanks to a link received from the main affiliate and who shares this affiliate link to another user so that they can also benefit from affiliation
  • Level 3: the user registered through an affiliation link from the middle affiliate it is the user who is the end link in the three-level share of returns chain

The return of FEE – how does it work?

The return of the transactional fee means giving part of or the whole of the entitled FEE to a person who pays the fee while making transactions on Kanga Exchange according to the following rules:

The amount of % for each level (including the return) are established by the individual user on these principles: the next level (2nd and 3rd) cannot be bigger than a half of the percentage at the previous level (rounding down to full per cents), and whatever is left from the percentage pool is transferred to returns. The 2nd level of the program must be at least 1% lower than the 1st level and the 3rd level may at maximum be 2% of the whole pool.

For example, if we establish the level at 20%, the division of share may be as follows:

  • Level 1: 20% => the remaining levels: 2 i 3: 0% => return of FEE will be at the level of 0% (20%-20%=0%)
  • Level 1: 15% => level 2: 2% => level 3: 0% => the return of FEE will be at the level of 3% (20%-15%-2%=3%)
  • Level 1: 10% => level 2: 4% => level 3: 1% => the return of FEE will be at the level of 5% (10%-4%-1%=5%)

How to create your campaign?

  1. Click the ‘New campaign’ button.

2. Name your campaign.

3. Set the division of commission.

4. Launch the campaign by clicking the ‘Start’ icon.

5. At this point the system will generate recommendation links for your campaign.

6. Your campaign is now ready. Now you can share your affiliation links.


The basic commission is 10%.In order to receive a higher commissio percentage, the following conditions must be met:

  • + 5% – when the number of your affiliates is equal or higher than 1000


  • your fee turnover is equal or higher than 100KNG
    Do you meet the above conditions?
    Contact us at [email protected] so that we can raise your commission level and enjoy even greater fee returns!