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A three-level affiliate program – how does it work?

A three-level affiliate program – how does it work?

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Your Kanga Exchange is constantly evolving! That is why we are launching a new, innovative affiliate program. It will consist of three levels so that each user of https://trade.kanga.exchange/ could adapt its functionality to their own needs. What does it really involve and what benefits will it give to the user? 

Assumptions of the affiliate program

The first rule is that one user account entitles the user to many different campaigns, i.e. affiliate programs. Each campaign means separate affiliate links (links within one campaign will lead to different websites: to the registration page, the homepage or the IEO list) and separate shared commission allocation tables. 

Before you create your first campaign, your Affiliation tab will look like this: 

The next rule of this program is that the affiliation links for a campaign will only be generated once the campaign is launched. Up to that moment you will be able to make changes in the commission allotment table as well as give the campaign a unique name selected by you. Remember that once you launch the campaign you will not be able to make changes in the commission allotment table. 

The available pool of shares in the table may change with time. This, however, will not affect the campaigns already initiated. 

For each campaign you will have access to the statistical data (clicks, events of registration, income, number of transactions and other), so that you can be up-to-date with your affiliates’ actions on Kanga Exchange. The statistical data will only include your first level of affiliation, but the profit chart will include all three levels of your affiliates.

If you have the current (one level) affiliate program, which was used at least for one registration event, it will be converted into a campaign. If, however, you did not have an affiliate program activated in your account or it was not used for registration, you will have to create new affiliation links to start using the new affiliate program. 

Affiliate program rules

  • no limit to the number of accounts you can invite. As the main affiliate you will get commission from the transaction fee of the affiliated account for life, i.e. as long as you have your account on the exchange; 
  • when the affiliated user carries a transaction on the market, the percent of the generated transaction fee that was defined by you will become your commission reward; 
  • your affiliation will not be accepted if the affiliated user and yourself will hold the same IP number or your account will be set up on the same day as the account of the user registered from your affiliation link. 

Also remember that Kanga Exchange will annul all profits from affiliation if there are mass registration events of new accounts set up under your name. 

The presentation of the general rules of participating in the program is behind us now, so let us move to the specific information about the functionality of the program and how it works. 

The new affiliate program is a three-level program, which means that your profit comes from the consecutive levels: 

  • level 1 – from the transaction carried by your direct affiliate;  
  • level 2 – from the indirect affiliate so the one that comes from the direct affiliate;
  • level 3 – from the person recommended by the indirect affiliate. 

Additionally, you can return a part of your profit to your affiliate. Complicated? 

Let us show this in an example:

You created a campaign and invited a new user – let’s call him John. If John carries a transaction on the exchange and pays a transaction fee, you will receive a part of the fee, the part defined by the parameter at Level 1. If John also creates a campaign and invites Ann, in the situation where Ann carries her transactions, John will receive part of the commission according to his Level 1 and you will get part of Ann’s commission according to Level 2 defined in your campaign. If Ann in turn creates her campaign and invites Tom, when Tom carries a transaction on the exchange and pays commission, then subsequently Ann will get part of the commission according to Level 1 defined in her campaign, John will get part of the commission according to Level 2 of his campaign and you will get part of the fee according to Level 3 you defined. If you are very generous, you may set the Return of fee parameter, which defines the part of commission you will pay back to the person who carries the transaction. The Return of fee is available only for the users directly invited by you (in our example it will be John).

What are the returns of fees from transactions and how can you use them? 

The return of the transaction fees involves giving the whole or part of the commission the affiliate is entitled to receive to the person who pays the cost of the fee when carrying a transaction on Kanga Exchange. 

The return of fee may be done in keeping with strictly defined rules. The amount of percentages for each level (including the return) are established by you individually on the principle that each consecutive level must be lower than half of the previous level. So Level 3 must be lower than half of Level 2, and Level 2 must be lower than half of Level 1. Whatever is left in the percentage pool is given as a return. 

Let us show a few examples of how the division of the percentage pool may look like for a 20% pool. 

Example 1:

  • Level 1: 20%, other levels: 2 and 3: 0%. The return of the commission will be at the level of 0%, according to this calculation: 20%-20%=0%.

Example 2:

  • Level 1: 15%, level 2: 2%, level 3: 0%. The return of the commission will be at the level of 3%, according to this calculation: 20%-15%-2%=3%.

Example 3:

  • Level 1: 10%, level 2: 4%, level 3: 1%. The return of the commission will be at the level of 5%, according to this calculation: 10%-4%-1%=5%.

Complicated? Don’t worry! The system will suggest to you, how many percentages from the pool you may use on the next levels. It is a great facilitation, isn’t it?

We have described the mechanism of the affiliate program. Let us now check how it will look like on your Kanga Exchange account.

The screen bellow is a view of the website before the three-level affiliate program campaign is launched:

When your unique affiliate program is ready (and remember, you can name your program yourself!),

and then you create the division of commission according to the guidelines provided by our system,

and generate affiliate links

your program will thus be launched and you will be able to fully appreciate the profits received from it. You Affiliation tab will look like this:

Summarizing, the three-level affiliate program is an opportunity to create your own affiliation campaigns with different division of your profits, e.g. to your family, close friends or colleagues. It is you who decides how we can help you generate your rewards in return for your recommendation of our services to others.

Contact us in case of any problems in launching the affiliate program. Call us at +48 58 573 36 33 and choose 1 or sent us an e-mail to [email protected]. Our Customer Service team will be happy to provide instructions and answer any question related to Kanga Exchange.

Author: Klaudia Ospa Customer Service Manager